Red Hill Bill Needs Your Support

Wednesday was a big win for us - the Navy's Red Hill tanks violate state law. This win means many things - one being that there is now A LOT MORE work to do. 

The work has arrived. First up - SB2930 requires the Department of Health to adopt rules for underground storage tanks and tank systems to meet federal regulations including additional requirements for field-constructed tanks (tanks at Red Hill) by October 2018.

At this time, this bill presents the best opportunity for us to ensure the strongest regulations of these tanks. The tanks at Red Hill will need to brought into compliance with the rules that are drafted by the Department of Health—this bill, through the legislative process, allows the opportunity for the public to help influence those rules, even before the administrative process. 

The pre-draft rules that the Department of Health has proposed are not strong enough. The rules codify 20 years and less than 100% protection of Oʻahu's groundwater.  

Please submit testimony below on SB 2930 and come to the hearing on Monday, February 26 at 10:15am in room 229 at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol. This committee does not accept oral testimony but your presence makes a big difference in helping legislators take a strong position in defense of our water. You may bring signs but they must be on 8.5x11" paper.