CapitolWatch Blog IS BACK!

You asked, you shall receive - the CapitolWatch blog lives once again! Here is the rundown (with the good ol' five w's): 

[WHERE] Right here -! Welcome to the new edition of the CapitolWatch blog. You will find everything you need for the 2018 legislative session on this site. Please also check out Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi's home page, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

[WHO] In 2018, the CapitolWatch blog will be updated by Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi volunteers and staff. We will focus primarily on environmental bills with the hope that in the coming years we will be able to expand with partners to cover additional social justice and other environment-related issues. 

The Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi is always looking for new CapitolWatch volunteers. Click here to jump on our mailing list if you are interested in joining. 

[WHAT] The one-stop-shop for all of your environmental legislative needs. We will be posting Sierra Club's bill priorities, background on priority bills and issues, and most importantly, action alerts and updates. Also available will be how-tos, tips, tutorials, legislator contact information, and more to help you be successful in your civic engagement.

[WHEN] The CapitolWatch blog will make a reappearance with the 2018 Legislative Session. As you know, 2017 is almost over so we will be posting soon on bills to look out for—both good and bad. The 2018 Legislative Session begins on January 17, 2018 and runs until May.

[WHY] CapitolWatch has been a successful program for a number of years now, however, the blog has recently been the missing piece. We have heard from you folks about how helpful the blog was in the past in making it easier to engage and stay up-to-date on legislative environmental issues so we made a point this year to start early to bring it back!

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Email us at

Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi CapitolWatch

CapitolWatch is dedicated to demystifying the legislative process so you can have your voice heard on environmental issues that you care about.

Our goal is to create a team of volunteer “CapitolWatch leaders” who will help us create, research, follow, and provide testimony for bills pertaining to the environment. Through this program, team leaders and members will learn how to engage with local communities, organize for collective power, and gain legislative experience.

In building a truly diverse environmental justice movement, all are welcome. This is a great opportunity to learn first-hand how laws are made in Hawaiʻi.

There is also opportunity for students to get internship credit or volunteer hours. 

Interested? Join our CapitolWatch mailing list - we will be sending out meeting invitations and updates as session gets closer.