2nd Crossover Bill Update

The end of 2018 legislative session is just around the corner, but the work isn't over yet! Dozens of environmental bills we've been tracking all session are still alive and going through their respective conference committees. A conference committee is a committee comprised only of subject matter and finance committee chairs for finalization. (e.g., if the bill was referred to CPH, WAM in the Senate and EEP, FIN in the House, then its conference committee will be comprised of Senators Baker and Dela Cruz and Representatives Lee and Luke). Final decking is on April 26th.

Though the opportunity for public hearings is over, you can still help usher these bills through the legislature by contacting conference committee chairs and request they support the bills--preferably the best, most environmentally friendly versions of the bill as many have been drastically changed over the course of session (as indicated by HD1,2; SD1,2, etc). If they "survive" conference, that means they head to the governor's desk for signing or vetoing.

Check out the bill list here (good bills in green and bad bills in red) and contact conference committee chairs now! You can find out which committees each bill has gone through on the measure status page for each bill following "Referred to" and the House or Senate committee acronyms.

If the bill you're supporting (e.g., SB 2939 SD2) reads "Enrolled to Governor" at the bottom of its measure status page, that means the bill is headed straight to the governor's desk for signing into law (or veto). In this case, please feel free to write a message to Governor Ige or call his office at (808) 586-0034 and voice either your support or opposition to the bill. Any bills that "survive" conference will go through this process, so get ready!

Adjournment sine die is on May 3rd. Let's rally together behind these environmental bills for this final push of 2018 legislative session!