When Collective Power Wins

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In an inspiring turn-of-events, the community came out in force to have HB 2564 removed from a hearing agenda for Friday, February 9th.

Led by community organizers from Ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi, it took less than two days for over 300 testimonies to be sent in to the House Committee on Water and Land (WAL), vehemently opposing this measure, which would essentially take away one avenue for the people to exercise their right to protect their environment and natural resources.

The office of Representative Nicole E. Lowen (D-6), who sits on the WAL committee, responded to constituents with this email:

Aloha Re: HB 2564
Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns on this bill. We wanted to let you know that, in response to the many emails we received in opposition, this bill has been removed from the hearing notice by the chair of the Committee on Water and Land, and it will not be getting a hearing or moving forward at this time.

Rep. Lowen appreciates your feedback. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Thank you, 
Office Manager
Office of Representative Nicole Lowen, District 6

This is a win for the people who demand a fair and just political process and a clear win for democracy. Well done!

Companion bill SB 3020 is stalled in a joint committee referral, with community organizers encouraging folks to keep eyes on it, should it spring to life. Read more on this issue here.