Big Hearings Next Week!

We are approaching the first big deadline of the 2018 session—first lateral (the deadline for all bills to be assigned to their final committee in the originating chamber) is on Friday, February 16. A handful of our priority bills have hearings scheduled early next week and we need your help! Please submit testimony in support of the following bills 24 hours before the hearing date. 

- The bills bolded and starred directly battle climate change
- The bills bolded are identified as priority bills
- Others are additional important bills we want to see passed (while you are at it!)
- CPC: House Committee on Consumer Protection & Commerce (room 329)
- EEP: House Committee on Energy & Environmental Protection (room 325)
- OMH: House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs (room 423)
- WAL: House Committee on Water & Land [room 309]
- LAB: House Committee on Labor & Public Employment [room 329]
- WTL/AEN/GVO: Senate Committee on Water and Land/Senate Committee on Agriculture and Environment/Senate Committee on Government Operations

MORE ACTION: Please call Chair Takumi and Vice Chair Ichiyama of CPC to ask them to schedule hearings on pesticide bills (HB 2721, HB 2722, HB 1756) this week

Clean Energy

HB 2724 HD1 (LAB 2/13 9:45am)*** - read the bill here
Helps Hawaiʻi build a resilient clean energy economy that takes in more carbon than it produces by 2045

HB 2109 HD1 (CPC 2/13 2:00pm)*** - read the bill here
Narrows available criteria for granting a solar water heater variance.

HB 2249 HD1 (CPC 2/13 2:00pm)*** - read the bill here
Improves Hawaiʻi's grid resiliency programs

HB 2460 HD1 (CPC 2/13 2:00pm) - read the bill here
Establishes a microgrid demonstration project on property controlled by Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority

HB 2719 (EEP 2/13 8:30am) - read the bill here
Establishes the Hawaiʻi clean economy initiative advisory board to advise the State on the transition to a clean energy economy

HB 2110 HD1 (CPC 2/13 2:00pm) - read the bill here
Directs the Public Utilities Commission to encourage and facilitate the development and use of energy resilient microgrids

Sea Level Rise

HB 2106 HD1 (OMH 2/13 10:40am)*** - read the bill here
Requires the the state to adopt rules requiring all environmental assessments and environmental impact statements to include consideration of sea level rise based on the most recent scientific data

HB 2468 (WAL 2/14 10:30am)*** read the bill here
Explores options and pilot projects for properties that are threatened by sea level rise

SB 3068 (WTL/AEN/GVO 2/15 2:50pm)*** - read the bill here
Requires the state to implement recommendations from the Hawaiʻi Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report


HB 1986 HD 1 (CPC 2/13 2:00pm)*** - read the bill here
Establishes programs that allows state agencies and other businesses that offset their carbon emissions


HB 1801 HD1 (CPC 2/13 2:00pm)*** - read the bill here
Establishes renewable portfolio standards and targets for gas utility companies that mirrors those set for electric utility companies


HB 2301 HD1 (EEP 2/13 8:30am) - read the bill here
Restructures the Hawaiʻi Invasive Species Council to improve coordination of the State's invasive species prevention, early detection, rapid response, control, enforcement, and outreach programs


SB 3099 (CPH/AEN 2/12 1:15pm) - read the bill here
Requires the Department of Health to set benchmarks to reach an eighty-five percent redemption rate by 2023

HB 1800 HD1 (CPC 2/12 2:00pm) - read the bill here
Authorizes each county to establish a car tire recycling program

HB 2625 HD1 (EEP 2/13 8:30am) - read the bill here
Requires the state to remove plastic marine debris from shores and beaches and for the counties to dispose of plastic marine debris collected by the department


SB 3095 (CPH/AEN 2/12 1:15pm) - read the bill here 
Establishes disclosure and public notification requirements for application of pesticides by large-scale, outdoor commercial agricultural operations and pilots a buffer zone project around schools

Oxybenzone sunscreen ban

HB 2723 HD1 (CPC 2/13 2:00pm) - read the bill here
Prohibits the sale of sunscreen containing oxybenzone